John Weathington, President & CEO of Excellent Management Systems, Inc.
  • Behavioral Science
    Behavioral Science

    "I find it fantastic how I can just throw you into almost anything and you use your knowledge of process and technical organizations to do the job well." --Jennifer Selby Long, Owner, Selby Group

  • Big Data Analytics
    Big Data Analytics

    "We appreciate your ability to quickly model the client’s landscape, and provide insightful data investigation, discovery, and statistical analysis." --Michael F. Mason, Partner, Hogan and Hartson

  • John Weathington
    John Weathington

    Top companies seek out John's expert insights, including: Visa, Paypal, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, HDS, Silicon Graphics, MCI, and CBS Interactive.

  • Relationship Strategy
    Relationship Strategy

    "John has been a pleasure to work with on the board and in the Executive Committee. The more I’ve gotten to know John, the more I appreciate his skills." --Brett LaDove, Past President, Institute of Management Consultants

  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

    John helped Visa evolve its cardmember loyalty platform to enhance credit market adoption and attract large financial institutions to its loyalty offerings.

Hari Sridharan

Technical Analyst

Hitachi Data Systems

My name is Hari Sridharan and I work for Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) since August 2000 as a Technical Analyst in the Data Warehousing Team. I have known Mr. John Weathington since August 2002, when he first joined HDS as a contractor. He worked very closely with me to understand the existing Data Warehousing environment.

He went on to design, architect and build a new Corporate Dashboard Reporting System for the HDS Executive Committee. It was a highly customized solution for HDS with a combination of several tools like Business Objects (SDK), Informatica and PL/SQL, etc. This project was a huge success and the Executive Committee use the information to make key business decisions.

Currently he is working on another great project for the Interoperability Lab and the Sales Department. It is a highly customized solution called HiFire (Hitachi Feature Interoperability Report). This project uses new technologies like Struts, Torque, Java Technology, Business Objects and Informatica. This helps the entire HDS Sales Force to make better decisions on which HDS products are supported, compatible and interoperable with other vendor's products.

My observations about Mr. John is that he has a very broad skill set starting from good communication skills to the state of the art Data Warehousing Technologies. He takes his work very seriously but he also has a very good sense of humor. He quickly adapts to changes and is a very fast learner. He introduces the team to new ideas and also encourages fellow team members to come up with new ideas. He has very high standards and is a role model for the team. He is very reliable and capable of leading resource intensive projects. In short, he is a very talented IT professional with very strong communication and interpersonal skills.

I am confident that Mr. John Weathington would be an asset to any organization he joins like he was to HDS. I sincerely recommend Mr. John Weathington for your organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.